For flooring and wall cladding
For flooring, paving and cladding walls
For paving and garden areas
For roofing & walling areas
For exterior and interior applications
For exterior and interior purposes
For flooring, paving and cladding walls
For flooring and cladding walls


Customer Satisfaction being the prime motto, we specialize in sandstone, limestone, circle, cobbles and pebbles of the highest quality at competitive rate and service; second to none.
The customer comes first.
Teamwork is essential.
Our most valuable assets are our people and our reputation.


It is fundamental & essential that they are securely packed to surpass all the harsh treatment. In order to protect these stones from breakage or even damage (like staining, etc.) We ensures the right procedures while packing stones in wooden crates. Different stone products are packed in different ways, such as wooden crates, wood bundles, styrofoam box, etc.


Experience of years in Natural stone industry.
One stop Solution for almost all Indian Natural Stones.
Our Pan India Network help us source the best stone for you.
Tie-up with other Quarry Owners and Processors of Natural Stones.
Quality Inspection Staff on all our Stone Procurement Offices.

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